Things to Do in Dallas And Around DFW This Week

Social media can be a great source for local events and happenings. Sure, you expect to find those on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But Reddit?

Yes. It turns out that a weekly Things to Do post is somewhat of a tradition for the r/Dallas subreddit. Lately, I've been writing and posting it.  Head over to Reddit to comment or read the list I've embedded here.

This might be the most eclectic Things to Do in Dallas list you'll find. That's why I have a picture of Dallas muralist Mariel Poehler's mural at Fiction Coffee. No matter where you live in Dallas or its surrounding cities, you can find a place to be yourself.

Check out a few of these events, make some plans,  and Find Your Happy in Big D!

Things to Do in Dallas This Week

Wow, February is flying by. Mardi Gras isn't until next week, but the parties start this weekend. You'll also find some great music events an a few fun movie screenings. Check out all the big Dallas events in February or use this weekly list for suggestions for every single day.

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