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Saddest Goodbyes of 2016 in DFW

There's no denying that 2016 has been tough all over. A rough-and-tumble election, the passing of some superstar icons, and a few news-worthy tragedies too.  DFW, the country, and the world shed more than a few tears this year. While we pause at year's end to reflect on the sadness of the year, let's reminisce on some cherished memories we made and say our goodbyes to the places in DFW we'll miss the most. 



Hibiscus was a popular spot on Henderson Avenue for more than ten years, but this fall, they closed their doors for good.


Luscher's Red Hots

Hot dog lovers may have found 2016 particularly tough to swallow. Hofmann's Hots didn't reopen in  a new location as expected after closing shop in Trinity Groves in 2015. This fall, we lost Luscher's Red Hots in Deep Ellum and  Jerry's Wood Fired Dogs in Lakewood. There's still hope for the hot dog world for the future, though. Wild About Harry's closed their Burleson location, but you can still cure your hot dog craving at their locations in Deep Ellum and Uptown. (And you can still get the best of Chef Brian Luscher at The Grape, where there is quite a burger tale to be told.)


White Rock Skate Center

East Dallas and the Lakewood area took some hard hits in 2016. The 43-year-old  White Rock Skate Center has dimmed its disco ball forever. The area was probably still reeling from the closure of Dixie House which had also been in business for over 40 years.  If you haven't finished crying in your beer over this one, you can grab a beer (and some bacon!!!) at Sugarbacon Proper Kitchen which has now opened on Gaston Avenue. Bacon makes everything better, right?


The Ginger Man - Lakewood

It's not just the old-timers that are passing in Lakewood. After just two years, The Ginger Man will close after one last hurrah on Christmas Day. Talk about crying in your beer. Luckily, this closure only affects the Lakewood location. Find the upside at The Ginger Man in Uptown - or Southlake, Plano, or Fort Worth.


Black Eyed Pea

While the loss of The Ginger Man was limited to Lakewood, our luck ran out all over with That Black Eyed Pea. After closing that iconic Dixie House in January, the company later closed all of the remaining Black Eyed Pea restaurants in DFW. We don't know where we're going to get our black eyed peas on New Year's Day, but when we figure it out, we'll share.


Love And War in Texas - Grapevine

Dallas wasn't the only place to suffer some hard restaurant losses. Love and War in Texas closed its Grapevine location, and Cedar Hill said a sad goodbye to Cafe 67. In Roanoke, diners will be missing Matt's Tex Mex. 


HIckory & Fry - Denton

The death angel of restaurants and clubs didn't skip Denton this year either. Townies and college students there will no longer be enjoying J & J's Pizza, Hailey's or Hickory & Fry.


The Cupcakery - Fort Wort

The cheery Cupcakery in Sundance Square is now sadly empty in Fort Worth, and Frankie's Sports Bar and Grill shuttered too. 


Six Flags Mall

It's been a slow death for this mall - maybe several decades in the making - but demolition is finally underway at Six Flags Mall. Decades of coming-of-age stories crumbled to the ground along with the mall. It's rumored that a Jerry Jones owned hotel is coming to the site. That really doesn't help.


Dreams of an H-E-B

Sometimes the hardest loss is the thing that you never had. When HEB purchased several closed Sun Fresh grocery store locations, North Texans got their hopes up for one of the San Antonio based grocers to open in the area. Alas, our hopes were dashed. The chain is focusing on Central Market stores. We'll get a couple of new ones in DFW, and the other spaces the chain purchased will be leased.

If these or other 2016 closures in DFW bring back memories, come share them on our Facebook page. Read more nostalgic tales here or peruse my Tumblr blog while I move all my material to this site.


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