16 Over-the-Top Dallas Things Sure to Impress Anyone

I’m writing this about 10 days before Valentine’s Day, so this little heads-up may be right on time for you. But the truth is, Dallas is an amazing place to have a special celebration any time of year.

In the city where the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book was born, extravagance and spectacle are relatively commonplace. No one bats an eye at the financial swagger that makes extreme experiences wrapped in designer labels possible.  As the saying goes, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it” and around here, we do.

If you’re looking to impress someone (or simply treat yourself to the very best) check out some of the ostentatious options you can enjoy in Dallas. Not all of them come with an out-of-reach price tag, but some definitely do. Are they worth it? You decide.

A Sky-High Experience

When it comes to over-the-top, let’s take it literally and fly right over Dallas.

Epic Helicopter Tours
Epic Helicopters offers a variety of tours starting at $199 per person and up (and I mean WAY up) from there. Romantic options and upgrades are available, and seasonal tours are on the menu for summer, spring, fall, and the Christmas season.

Delta Charlie’s at Dallas Executive Airport
Delta Charlie’s offers a 3-course dinner on the ground combined with an airplane tour over Dallas on a regular basis. You can book the Dinner & a Flight package on Wednesday through Sunday nights between 5 and 9:30 PM. Confirm the price when you book, but expect it to be between $200 and $300 for two.

Dining in High Style

If you don’t want to fly quite that high, there’s always dinner on top of Dallas at Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck, the revolving restaurant in Reunion Tower. If you want a lavish dinner without going to literal great heights, you might like Nick and Sam’s, Bullion, or Town Hearth.

Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck
Yes, this restaurant inside “the ball” is 560 feet in the air, and its floor-to-ceiling windows give you a view of the (Dallas) world as it goes by. They offer themed tasting menus for holidays and special events, or you can order from the extensive dinner menu. If you’re going for the full indulgent experience, be sure to order wine and dessert. If the whole thing seems a bit pricey, you can honor your “budget,” whatever it may be, with cocktails and appetizers in the Lounge or an abbreviated dinner at the Sushi bar.
Town Hearth
Describing this Design District restaurant as swank (which many people do) might be the understatement of the year. The fabulous décor includes eye-popping treasures all around the dining room. Start with a yellow submarine in the fish tank and let your eyes wander over the 64 chandeliers, an MGB Roadster, and a Ducati bike, which is rumored to also be offered on the menu. With prolific (and lauded) chef Nick Badovinus at the helm, the food doesn't have to take second place. For steak, scrumptious sides, and a notable raw bar served up in as much glam you can stand, Town Hearth is the place to be.
A Facebook photo of Town Hearth
This restaurant dreamed up by Michelin-starred chef Bruno Davaillon is named after a bar of gold and it looks like one too. So it's no surprise that an average meal costs around $80 before you add wine. Of course the menu is studded with elegant French favorites like Duck a L’orange, foie gras, and caviar. With its contemporary, yet comfortable atmosphere and out-of-this-world food, it's quickly become a Dallas favorite. Even if it's a once-in-a-lifetime treat, this indulgence might well be worth it.

Nick and Sam's
With a traditional clubby steakhouse vibe, this Uptown restaurant has splurge written all over it. With unique menu options and just enough stylized art to keep it from feeling stuffy, it's a perfect place to indulge on a special occasion. Head there for giant portions of steakhouse favorites or delicacies like Japanese beef with giant price tags. Their lobster ramen is "garnished" with a whole lobster, and a 41-ounce, dry-aged tenderloin is called "The Dirk." Don't miss the enormous 7-layer cake slices for dessert.

Extraordinary "Just" Desserts

Our high-life list gets a little more affordable when you move on to dessert. There's nothing wrong with making a dessert-only stop at one of Dallas's finer restaurants or at a place that specializes in exquisite sweet treats.

Frappistas and Other Jaw-Dropping Desserts at Sablon Chocolate Lounge
The fact that it's called a chocolate "lounge" is your first hint that the treats served here are not your everyday chocolates. Dishes here are made with couverture chocolate, which is made with extra cocoa butter, to make it extra glossy and beautiful. But you might not care about those details when you're staring down a Grand Frappista or a Chocoshake.  It seems they've thought of everything here from brownies to sundaes to chocolate waffles and chocolate pizza. You might want to bring a friend to help you finish off the richest of desserts.
Black Forest Chocshake from Sablon Chocolate Lounge (Photo from Facebook page)
Dessert Packages at Felix Culpa
Yes, it's a restaurant but it seems champagne might be the name of the game at this flashy and fashionable Knox-Henderson hot spot. Their celebration packages come in a range of prices and include some sweet treats to enjoy with your champagne. You'll love the Marilyn (Monroe) with her cotton candy sweetness or a Tiffany box that shows your worth. Order the Popeye for enough cake to feed the whole crew. 

French Pastries at Bisous Bisous Patisserie
Sweets from Bisous-Bisous Patisserie are by far the most affordable indulgence on my list. But do not underestimate the extravagance of these modestly priced treats. Their specialty is macarons, and you'll usually find a variety of flawless shortbread cookies as well. But the piece de resistance here is the variety of French pastries, with each one more tempting than the next. From croissants to eclairs, from the tarts to the (oh, Lord help me) cruffins, each bite will make you want (or need) to kiss the chef. Get there early in the day, especially on weekends so you can choose from a full bakery case. The best items sell out (very) fast.

Outrageous Drinks

There's no need to stop at food when you can get some crazy fabulous drinks in Dallas. Embrace your inner hedonist and grab the most indulgent cocktail, wine, or beer you can find at one of these fun places.

Anvil Pub, Deep Ellum Sunday Brunch

This Bloody Mary marvel and its counterpart drinks served during Sunday brunch at Anvil Pub are so crazy they have asterisks in their names. I'm pretty sure the name isn't Fork Brunch, but you might need a fork (and a friend) to help consume it.
Sunday Brunch only drinks at Anvil Pub (Photo from Facebook page)
Endless Options at CRÚ Wine Bar
When you hit up this happening wine bar in West Village, be sure to build in some extra time for reading. Reading the wine list, that is. With 30 wines by the glass and around 300 by the bottle, you're going to have some choices to make. The best part, and maybe the most indulgent too, is that their events like champagne tastings give you a chance to sample some divine wines and appropriate pairings. 

Beer Bliss from White Rock Alehouse and Brewery
Usually, lessons in immoderation from beer come in quantity, not quality. But White Rock Alehouse and Brewery offers beers that can truly be described as sumptuous. For instance, Participation Trophy Wife is a Russian Imperial Stout with a 9.1% ABV. Its unique flavor notes might remind you of graham crackers and toffee. With 35 beers on their tap list, you're sure to find something to indulge in, but this one will make getting a beer buzz a beautiful thing.

Ferris Wheeler’s Backyard and BBQ
It's not the beer that's over the top at this Design District barbecue spot, it's the backyard. How many backyards do you know ff that have3 an actual Ferris wheel? Go literally over the top with a ride before or after your lunch or dinner at this fun spot.
Ferris Wheeler's Backyard  & BBQ (Photo from Facebook page)

It's Just a Fantasy

It's not all about food and drinks, you know. Your over-the-top aspiration can be filled with experiences too.

The Mermaid Sealon
The Dallas saying, "The higher the hair, the closer to God" takes a little twist at this eye candy salon dreamed up by Katie Rogers. That's because mermaid hair is long and lush, and sometimes colorful, but not necessarily teased to high heaven. You'll gorge on the eye candy because the décor swings from a sea life theme to leopard prints to I don't know, maybe Rococo, but it's spectacular to see. Sit on the ornate, neon, tufted velvet chairs while you wait for your mani/pedi, cut and color, lashes, tanning or of course, mermaid extensions. 

Dinosaur Immersion at NorthPark
I have never once dreamed of half dinosaur, half giraffe aliens, but someone at Dreamscape VR at NorthPark dreamed them up and brought them to life, or at least a very lifelike existence. That's what virtual reality can do for you. Choose this Alien Zoo experience or dive the depths of the ocean to rescue a Blue Whale. more adventures are being added, and you can have a different virtual experience every time.

Unicorn at Rainbow Vomit
If you're obsessed with unicorns, there's no need to live in a fantasy world. Just head to Rainbow Vomit, the immersive art gallery near Fair Park. The interactive photography exhibit combines art, sound, and light to transport you to a magical world. And of course, your Instagram awaits. It's second round exhibit, this time with a Balloon Takeover is open for reservations now. Don't sleep on the nighttime BYOB events - they're going to be next level poppin'.
I absolutely loved Rainbow Vomit!
I think I've barely touched the tip of the iceberg here, but Dallas is just that kind of over-the top town. If you run through all of these, you'll just have to hang on til Christmas. The Neiman Marcus Christmas book will never disappoint.

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