7 State Fair Tips No One Told You

Our local media does a great job of sharing information about the State Fair, and they share important things like how to get discounts and save money at the fair. Those are great things to know before you go, but how about some tips you’ve never heard before? Well, I spent the entire opening weekend at the fair, and I’ve found a few tips you may not have discovered on your own. They’ll help you save money and more at the State Fair of Texas.


1. You can borrow a phone charge booster from The Incredible Cord, a phone accessories vendor. Leave your drivers license or keys, and they’ll save the day if you drain your phone battery at the fair. Find them near the Wine Garden.


vendor booth selling phone accessories
You can borrow a phone charge booster here.

2. Most freebies are in and around the GO TEXAN Pavilion. But just a few steps away from the Coliseum, you can pick up free goodies from Walmart, sample some Fairlife milk, and get a gimme from DISH TV while entering their Biggest Fan contest. I dubbed it Freebie Row.


advertising booth with a man diaplaying a bandana and a woman displaying a tote bag
Walmar, Fairlife, and Dish TV each have something free for you.

3. Big Tex is a great guidepost for finding your way around, but at some places in the park, the Coliseum is even better. Sorry for the less than pretty picture, but look for the green building to orient yourself at the fair. FYI, if the man in this picture turned around, he’d be looking at Freebie Row.

Big Tex is a great guidepost for finding your way around. So is the Coliseum.


4. The refillable Big Tex Souvenir Cup is a sweet deal at 20 coupons. If you’re coming multiple times with a season pass, you can’t beat this deal. Except you can. Some vendors offer more than just soda and tea for refill choices – a fruit flavored “Brain Freeze” is the same price! Also, one vendor told me prior year’s refill cups are eligible for the 6-coupon refill too!

Souvenir refill cups are a better deal than you thought.

 5. If you’re recovering from an injury, or have other mobility issues, these scooters are a  lifesaver. The cost is $55 for the day and the battery charge lasts all day. Per the State Fair’s link to their website, it’s best to make reservations, but they had extras available every day I checked. Wheelchairs, strollers, and wagons are also available for a nominal rental fee.

Wheelchairs, strollers, wagons, and mombility scooters are available at the fair.


 6. Even lifetime fairgoers can learn something new. If you hear music from a nearby stage and want to know who it is, just ask. If you see a food that looks good, they can tell you where to find it. Their food listing index has over 2,000 entries!


7. The State Fair is One Giant Singalong! Prepare to sing and dance, or at least smile at other people singing and dancing. Wherever you are in the park, you’ll have a great soundtrack to narrate your day. Have fun, and I’ll see ya there!