Why I Like to Say Find Your Happy (And How I Go About It)


As you’ll see in these pictures, I really DO love to goof around and have fun. I can find happiness in any moment, and I encourage everyone to do the same.


Even when life is hard, I think it’s important to wring as much happiness as you can out of life. When you’re struggling, plan things you can look forward to in better times. (And when times get better, DO some of those things.) Part of the reason my handle is “Just Me in Big D” is that I don’t fit any of the typical Dallas archetypes. I’ve never married, and I do just about everything solo – ergo, just me. In the past decade, I’ve been bereaved, underemployed, broke, mobility impaired, transportation challenged (no car), and broke (oh yeah, I already said that.) Luckily, I wasn’t all those things at one time!  


To get through those times, I had to laser-focus on the positive. When I couldn’t afford to go do things, I made plans. Some of those plans came true later – some didn’t. But having something to look forward to can make all the difference in the world. So I hope you’re making plans. And if my blog and website help you make those plans, so much the better!


As always, I wish you the best – get out there – and while you’re doing it, search inside yourself –  and find your happy!



Meet Trailblazer Kristina Rowe

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