This Isn't Your Typical Blog

This is a part-time thing for me, and it's not my main source of income. So I'm not trying to figure out how to monetize it or build an e-mail list or sell ads. I absolutely hate that stuff and just don't want to do it, so I don't. I do appreciate shares, so if you want to tell your friends about something you read here, that would be great.

What I'm Up To

My day job is busy these days, so I'm not writing much.

But I recently saw a freelance opportunity I couldn't pass up - even if the timing wasn't ideal.

I'm now a freelance writer for the Food and Drink team at Dallas Observer. I've been reading the Observer for almost 40 years, so yeah, I'm a little excited to have a byline there.

You can see everything I've written for DO here, and I'd love it if you'd share those stories too!

I have some big plans for this site (don't I always?) if I ever get around to them, and you can also find me regularly on Twitter and Instagram. I check in on Facebook and Reddit r/dallas from time to time too.

Why I'm "Just Me" in Big D

There are several reasons "Just Me In Big D is  a perfect handle for me. I don't think you have to be wealthy or pretty or traditionally successful to have fun in Dallas or wherever you live. I like doing things solo, and I don't really follow trends.
I work a regular full-time job so I plan ahead and schedule time on my days off to get out and see things and take pictures. If that's the one day I have and it turns out to be  a windy day, you'll get no-fliter pics like this. That's "just me."

Media Trends

Dallas has some great media, and I'm a supporter, and in some cases, a subscriber.Whether you like the latest news or a focus on fun stuff, the Dallas Morning News and D Magazine have great coverage.

With Culture Map Dallas, Central Track, the Dallas Observer, Advocate Magazine, and many more local media sources, you'll never run out of things-to-do articles. Add to that a plethora of local bloggers and influencers, and you'd think every single thing would be covered.

But I felt like something was missing. Many times, the same things are covered repeatedly with little variation across multiple sites. And Unless you know where to find it, there's not much focus on regular folks and the smaller side of Big D.

I'm not your typical blogger - I'm "just me" and I think plenty of people who live in and visit Dallas are "just me" too.  I hope to share some stories and experiences anyone can enjoy.

The Neiman Marcus Popover Story

When D Magazine's multi-week poll named the Neiman Marcus popover The Most Iconic Dish in Dallas, I had to take a pause. I won't argue with a public poll, but it made clear who the audience for D Magazine is. How many nurses, teachers, firefighters, and police officers have ever even lunched at Neiman Marcus?

Don't get me wrong - I read D Magazine all the time. And they should provide content that suits their audience. And they do deeper dives into the culture of Dallas that appeal to (and benefit) everyone. But the focus is absolutely on the affluent.

That was the inspiration for my social handles @JustMeInBigD and I plan to feature places that are somewhat more accessible.

For the record, I voted for Snuffer's Cheddar Fries, El Fenix Enchiladas, and of course, Fletcher's Corny Dogs.
I had to at least try the popover. That's "just me." It was nice, and the burger on the menu at NM Cafe was REALLY good, but I still think the Fletcher's Corny Dog was robbed.

Going Solo

I enjoy doing things on my own. Yep, it’s true. I eat alone, go to movies alone, travel alone - no shame and no loneliness. Being a party of one lets me pursue happiness and the joy of the moment at my own pace, which is very important to me.

This puts me in a unique place to make recommendations for single people and solo travelers.

Of course, it's important to have friends, and I'll be sharing some fun ways to meet people and great places to make new friends here in Dallas and around DFW.
When I say Find Your Happy, I mean find the joy in the things around you. From everyday things to the things we take for granted in our own city, the things around us can make us smile, today and every day. I hope you'll follow me and find your happy.