Howdy, Welcome to Dallas, Texas!

Dallas, Texas is a great place to visit, whether you live in a nearby suburb or across the globe. It’s a fun place to live too. Whether you’re visiting and want to experience it like a local or just heading across town, hoping to explore it like a tourist in your own town, I can think of a few things you’ll want to do in Dallas.

You’ll love our larger-than-life attractions and sights, and like me, you might just love the smaller side of Big D too. The Dallas restaurant scene offers just about every kind of cuisine and every kind of ambiance you could want. And shopping? Well, that was practically invented here. 

Dallas, Texas is an amazing city and it’s very special to me. I can find the joy in all things Dallas –  from the monumental to the everyday. 

That’s right!  It’s just me in Big D – follow me and find your happy.


Happy New Year

Ready or not, 2019 is here. Stay tuned for more articles coming soon.

Follow me on Instagram and  come visit my Facebook page for pics and live video straight from the fairgrounds once the fair opens. I’m hoping to meet up with at least one photographer friend; I’m trusting his tips will help me capture some great pics for you. I’m potentially meeting up with some blogger pals too, so we’ll all be able to share the fair from different perspectives. I’ll be trying some new things for the first time this year, and I’d love it if you would too.


person in front of a modern painting

Dallas Icons, Dallas Decades

There’s some sadness in our history, and every day, Dallas welcomes folks who want to learn more about this city where President John F Kennedy was assassinated. But our history is much more than one story. We’ve got nostalgic places from every decade, and some very special businesses from each of those eras that are still going strong. We embrace our history, but we’re not stuck in the past.

I love the iconic places and long-running businesses and attractions in Dallas. I’ll share a few with you and throw in a few fun stories like how the neon-red, mythological Pegasus became a symbol of the city of Dallas. For decades, this particular neon sign flew from one of the tallest buildings in downtown Dallas. As a kid, I’d watch for it to come into view anytime my family headed toward Dallas from my hometown of Grand Prairie.

I’ve collected a few pics of Pegasus symbols and art pieces you can find in and around Dallas. Stay tuned for more pics and stories behind this great Dallas icon.



La Vida Local

I guess you could say I focus on the “smaller” side of Big D. I like to support local businesses and tell their stories.

You can find some of my previous writing about all things DFW here and some more here. Look for Shoutout blog posts coming soon to see local Dallas businesses I love (plus a few around DFW too!)


Trying Something New

There are a couple of reasons I call myself “just me” in Big D, one of which is that I enjoy doing things on my own. Yep, it’s true. I eat alone, go to movies alone, travel alone – no shame and no loneliness. Being a party of one lets me pursue happiness and the joy of the moment at my own pace, which is very important to me. 

But I’m aware that comfort zones can drastically hold people back, so I’m making a conscious effort to step out of mine. Keep an eye out here and follow my social media to see me having fun with others and teaming up for some collaboration.

If you are part of a couple – romantic partners, bffs, dude-bros, siblings, business owners – whatever kind of couple you are – I’d like to invite you to join me as I find the fun in Big D and around DFW. We’ll pick a place, we’ll hang out, I’ll share your story. Sound interesting? Contact me and let me know!

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Social Media

In Big D

I was born in Dallas and have lived in the DFW “metroplex” most of my life. I love Dallas and its suburbs. I’ll be posting about places of interest in Dallas “proper” and the surrounding areas.

Around Denton County

Right now, I live in Denton County. On my Instagram and Facebook, you’ll see lots of places in Denton, Corinth, Flower Mound, and Lewisville. My day job is in Las Colinas, so you’ll see a some reports from Irving too. I’m sure I’ll be in Dallas again before too long, but I have to say, all the cities in DFW have their charms!

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FUN City Stuff

This is a great website about fun places and things (and food!) in Dallas Fort Worth. I’ve enjoyed writing a few pieces for their website. Check them out here.



Now known as We Are North Texas, this site covers lots of stuff all over North Texas, but still with emphasis on Collin County. I don’t get over that way much, so I love that this blog helps me keep up with what’s happening in the area.