Howdy, Welcome to Dallas

Do you live in Dallas? Will you be visiting soon? Either one’s OK with me – you can be a tourist in your own town or a visitor who can pass as a local.  I’m Kristina Rowe, and I like to call myself a happiness aficionado. I’m a long-time DFW resident who’s lived and worked in both Dallas and Fort Worth (and a handful of other suburbs too!) I’m ready to help you enjoy special times in Dallas, Texas and its suburbs. It’s just me in Big D – follow me and find your happy.


I’ve lived and worked in both Dallas and Fort Worth (and a handful of other suburbs too!) I’m happy to explore all the great places to visit in Dallas-Fort Worth and share those too!

You may have noticed this site is a little empty.  It won’t be for long. I’m moving content over from multiple other locations at the moment. I’m also launching a big project on July 10th – the Dallas Restaurant Finder  at

La Vida Local

I guess you could say I focus on the “smaller” side of Big D. I like to support local businesses and tell their stories.


You can find some of my previous writing about all things DFW here and some more here.


Blog posts and other stories are coming soon!


Dallas Icons

There are a few Dallas thngs I’m a little obsessed with, starting with Pegasus and Old Red. I love iconic Dallas things, and look forward to sharing stories about them here.


I call myself a barely boomer because I was born at the tail end of the baby boom. Maybe that’s why I’ve loved nostalgia since I was young. To me, the history of a place is as important as anything else. I always share tidbits about Dallas and DFW history in my stories – look for more of those in the future.

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In Big D

I was born in Dallas and have lived in the DFW “metroplex” most of my life. I love Dallas and most of its suburbs. I’ll be posting about places of interest in Dallas “proper” and the surrounding areas.

Around Denton County

Right now, I live in Denton County. On my Instagram and Facebook, you’ll see lots of places in Denton, Corinth, Flower Mound, and Lewisville. I’m sure I’ll be in Dallas again before too long, but I have to say, Denton county has its charms!

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FUN City Stuff

This is a great website about fun places and things (and food!) in Dallas Fort Worth. I’ve enjoyed writing a few pieces for their website. Check them out here.



I love this site! I don’t get to spend much time in Collin County, so I love that this blog helps me keep up with what’s happening in the area.